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CCTV & Wifi Setup

Below is what the setup looks like. We will connect a camera to a wireless access point that broadcasts the video to any computer or mobile device that can log on to the WiFi AP using a special security key. Click here to read more. Using IP cameras with Wireless Access Points for viewing on WiFi enabled devices.


Why us CCTV & Wifi Setup?

CCTV Network Set Up

Any camera or device to be used over the internet must first be set up or configured on your local area network (LAN) along with your wide area network (WAN). The local area network setup takes place with the router and the DVR software. There are certain factors that will have to be considered in the configurations of IP cameras and DVRs to the internet before any transmission of data will occur. This will often influence the purchase of a security camera system. Port forwarding will also have to be setup as part of the WAN.

Survey The Work Space

Before purchasing any system it is wise to have an idea of how you will connect your system. For instance with a wired system you would want to know the accessibility of your working area. Respectively the space you have to run the wires in your attic. Or where ever you will run them maybe in the soffit. Plus the place you will connect them to your router.

Power Outlet

With a wireless you will need a power outlet. Even though the signal is transmitted wirelessly there will still be a need for a power supply. Wireless cameras are only one half wireless unless you use a battery operated camera. In this event you will be constantly changing batteries.

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